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Victoria's only White Wedding Stretch Dodge Nitro limousine

When you decide to get married, there are plenty of things that you’ll have to pay attention to. It’s a beautiful day for both the bride and the groom, and everything needs to be perfect up to the last detail. If you organize everything alone or with your future wife/husband, things could be a little tricky, and you’re going to make a list to help ensure that you don’t forget anything.

If you choose a wedding planner, that is one specialized person who can take care of everything for you but be ready to pay more money for their services. Whatever you choose, we’re here to teach you how to have the best wedding or better said the wedding of your dreams if you decide to get married in Melbourne, Australia.

There’s one thing that every couple needs for that special day – less fuss and a lot of styles, and you need to pay attention to the transportation mode from home to the place where you will hold the ceremony and the after-party. We’re talking here about renting a limousine, because, of course, it’s not worth buying one, and we’re here to present you with some wedding car hire Melbourne services, teaching you how to choose what is right for your needs.

Melbourne Limousine Group is the best company that can offer you these services here in Melbourne Victoria, as we have plenty of unique cars and limos for you to view and decide upon.

Let’s see how you can make the choice in this matter easily and without too much trouble.

The Numbers

Couple Kissing on wedding day in front of stretch limousine

It’s important to know who will be using the limo, so you’re going to have to ask yourselves a few questions. Will you use the limo just for yourselves (for the couple that is getting married) or will you have some of the guests with you? When do you need the limo hire Melbourne services? For how long do you need the limo to be at your service?

These are important questions because based on your answers you could choose a smaller limo or a bigger limo if more people are going to ride with you.

The Car and the Colors

Once you’ve decided how many people will go and when you should take a decision on the type of car that you want to rent. From the Melbourne Limousine Group, you could choose a beautiful White Dodge Nitro Limousine, which is the one that most of the women prefer. Of course, you could also go for the stretch Lincoln limo, the stretch Chrysler C300, one of the Chrysler Town cars that are available in white or black, or, if you want something more special, the Red Pontiac GTO is ready for rent.

Of course, if you have a bigger group that can’t fit in a limo, there is available a Mini Bus that can be rented at a cheaper price than the limo but still offering good traveling conditions and class.

In Advance Reservation

Knowing when you’re going to need the limo is extremely essential, but so is renting it in advance. The Melbourne wedding car hire services offer by our company allow you to book a limo for 6 to 9 months in advance, so you could be sure that you have it available when that wonderful day comes.

The ability to book ahead is provided to you because many couples would like to have the same limo in the same day, so as long as you make the reservations as early as possible, we will make sure that you have available the limo that you want for the day that you want it. No more worrying that someone else has gotten the beautiful White Dodge Nitro Limousine or one of the Chrysler Town cars that you’ve set your eyes on.

Small Research

Whoever you choose as your wedding limo services provider, it’s important to make at least a little research regarding them. Look online and see what people think about their services, if they have the website updated, if they have more than just one contact number, and so on. It’s also good if you can look for reviews and see what people share on Facebook or Twitter about them – the social media can be ruthless when it comes to negative services.

The Price

Couple standing in front of black chrysler c300This is also important because different types of limousines have different prices. Of course, it all depends on when you book out the car for the event – the sooner you book the limo, the cheaper the price could be. The limo hire prices could also be different, meaning higher, if you think about booking a limo with just one month before the event. If you don’t decide earlier on the type of limo that you want, you could face an unwanted situation when you wouldn’t be able to find what you’re looking for.

Even so, you should set aside a good budget for using the wedding car hire Melbourne services that are offered by our company. Limos aren’t always cheap, and it all depends on the type of car that you’re dreaming about. You could take a look at the general prices, but you’ll receive a quote if you call the company or make a request. If you don’t have the money right now, you could start saving, and you could still enjoy the luxurious feeling that you’ll get on that special wedding day of yours.

The truth is that a limo is perfect for a day of marriage – it gives off more than just a feeling of class and style, but it replaces the golden chariot that princes and princesses used long a time ago. Technology evolved so much that you could still feel like a royal couple and also look like one just by renting out the right type of limo for your wedding day.

To get in touch with Melbourne Limousine Group for prices give us a call at 0412 001 525 or request a price on the quote page in the navigation.

No matter what you decide, best of luck with your wedding and have an awesome day.