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Melbourne Limousine Group Disclaimer

This disclaimer is to indicate that there are no third party products for sale on this website.
We do not use affiliate links or do third party sales from our site.

If this changes, updates will be made here in the Disclaimer.

Although we aim to keep our pages up to date with the latest images of vehicles and transportation provided by Melbourne Limousine Group, they will not always be 100 percent correct. Melbourne Limousine Group reserves the right to advertise on its website and will always give you the best information we can at the time of editing. However as business is conducted on a day to day routine and vehicles are bought and traded regularly, it may not be possible to give you a vehicle seen on this site.

We strive to give you the best limo hire Melbourne provides and will happily answer any questions you may hold.

If you would like more information on limousine services and the fleet we hold at Melbourne Limousine Group you can contact Justin on 0412 001 525 between business hours, or contact us via our contact page.

This page was last updated on 21 September 2016.